“There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!”  Dorothy said as she clicked her heels together and finally made it home. We have had an amazing adventure, seen beautiful, breathtaking sights, learned so many things about our immense country, even planned our next trip to the southwest but crossing into Vermont…..made our hearts […]

The word “prairie” comes from the French word for meadow. Early explorers didn’t know what to call the vast expanse of grasslands so they used the French word. The great American prairie stretched from Manitoba to the north, northern Texas to the south, the forests of Minnesota and Illinois to the east and the base […]

The sun crept along the rim of the canyon. The Colorado, still in the shadows, rushed onward toward Moab, and further south toward Lake Powell, Glen Canyon and the Grand Canyon. We sipped our coffee in the cool of an early desert morning. We had arrived in Moab the previous day. A great little town […]

Nine years ago, our dear grandson, Asher was born. I called him “Skyboy” for a long time…..whenever I held him, he would gaze up to the clouds moving overhead. As a toddler, he could pick out the tiniest, high flying jet. He has keen eyes for details and loves nothing better than to “tramp” through […]

OK, so John and I have traipsed across the country from east to west and north to south, camping along the way. It is time for a bit of commentary on various types of campgrounds.  We have stayed in State campgrounds, County campgrounds, private campgrounds, RV parks and just last spring we discovered KOA campgrounds. […]

Today was our last day on the Pacific Coast and luckily we had saved the best part for last. More than a decade ago, we visited Maia and Matt, here in the Point Reyes area, and fell in love with it.  It is remote, it is wild, it is spectacularly beautiful and there are lovely […]

We turned off of California Rt. 101 in Leggett and crossed over an impossibly winding road to Rt. 1. Most of the time,when we were not manuvering around the next hairpin curve, we were looking right at the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful golden, grassy headlands stretching out to shining ocean swells. Finally we had sun!!!!  It […]